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Privacy Policy

Your personal information is safe with us. All of your contact information and payment information is encrypted, so it is not easily accessible from any faction. Order information is encrypted with SSL and no personal information or payment information is ever sent via email.

SSL: The Secure Sockets Layer encryption Plush Market incorporates is an industry standard safeguard for personal data. Any data received is encrypted so that a 3rd party would be unable to use it.

We Love Cookies: The delicious chocolate chip kind and the small bits of data that your computer stores. To optimize your Plush Market experience, we use these cookies to remember things that you like or areas you might have accessed. This information is used to streamline your experience, keep track of shopping cart items and help you be savvy shopper. Cookies will not remember any payment information or other personal data.

Changes: Check with us here, at any time, for changes to our privacy policy.

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