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Return Policy

Even with the plushest world at your feet, sometimes the plushiest still isn't quite right. Because we know that life is full of imperfections and second-guessing, we created a special Plush Market return policy. Our number one priority is customer satisfaction, so let us know how we can help.

Refund Policy: For a refund to be issued, the item must be returned in pristine condition. We are unable to accept a rug that has been used or has incurred damage. Refunds are not issued for rug pads.

Return or Refund Requests: You can request a return or refund in one of two ways:
via email: help@plushmarket.com
via phone: (888) 909-7589

Return Tips: Save all of the original rug packaging. Roll the rug in the same way it was rolled when it was shipped to you. Enclose the rug in the original packaging without gluing, taping, folding or stapling any part of the rug. These methods of repackaging will permanently damage the rug and you, unfortunately, could be charged for the damage.

The Rug Seems Different: The display of digital representations can be tricky. Accurate color representation is one of those tricky factors. Depending on variations in monitors, the color of a rug can appear different on your screen that it appears in person. Once you receive the rug, if there is any aspect that is too strikingly different and you are unhappy, you can return the rug. For returns related to personal preference, customers are responsible for return shipping charges.

Defective or Erroneous Shipments: Merchandise is always inspected before shipping, however, from time to time quality control can be less accurate. When you receive your rug, thoroughly inspect it. Should the item be damaged or if the order is inaccurate, Plush Market will immediately send a replacement. As stated above, please keep the original packaging. Should the packaging be damaged or if it was discarded, we can send you replacement packaging at no additional charge. We will send a courier to pick up the return, just make sure that you have it packaged and ready to go. A refund will be issued once the rug is received in our warehouse.

Package Refusal: Any package that is refused will incur shipping charges for both the original shipping and return shipping. It is best not to refuse a delivery, even you have changed your mind. Returns are prioritized for customers who have received authorization.

Delivery Signature: You may request a signature upon delivery of your rug. The courier will attempt the delivery 3 times before returning the rug. Should you be unable to sign or make arrangements for the delivery before it is returned, you will be responsible for the initial shipping charges and the return shipping. Once you request a delivery signature, the request can't be changed.

Return Address: As much as we love rugs, do not send any returns to our corporate address. All returns receive a Return Authorization Number and an email with specific instructions. The shipping address is listed in the Return Authorization email. Returns that are shipped to the incorrect address or without a Return Authorization Number will not be accepted.

Timeframe: The amount of time you have to decide on a return varies depending on the rug you purchased. The span of time ranges from 14 to 21 days, however this timeframe is noted at the time of purchase. Please note: Final Sale items cannot be returned.

Shipping Timeframe: Once a return has been requested, you will receive a prompt response with return instructions. You will have 7 days to ship your item after your return instructions have been sent.

Processing Refunds: It can take up to 10 days after your return has been received for your refund to be processed. Please contact us if you feel as though too much time has lapsed for your refund.

Free Rug Pads: Rug pads that were shipped as a part of the free promotion must be returned along with the rug. Refund will not be processed until both items are received.

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